COVID-19 Resources

Many members have contacted us with questions about how the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is impacting their operations. GLGA has compiled these resource pages with links to information, education and useful downloads to help you and your staff during this crisis. Please click on a section to be taken to the web page for those resources. Be sure to check back as we are adding new links regularly.




Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers:

Many GLGA member companies are now offering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), signage, and other supplies to help businesses protect their staffs and customers during the pandemic. If you are a business owner/manager and are looking to purchase supplies, please click here.

2021 GEAs Top Winners

Kristopher Gasch of Fey Printing (right) accepts the 2021 Best of Show plaque from Rick Mann, Press Color, Best of Show sponsor.

The 2021 Graphics Excellence Awards Celebrations were held on September 30, 2021 – once again at simultaneous live ceremonies in Addison, IL, and Milwaukee, WI. In addition to presenting our Gutenberg Best of Category and Best of Division winners, we announced our top honors:

Best of Show: Fey Printing, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, for Neenah Rethink Everything in the Booklets (4 or more colors) category.

1st Runner-Up: Kingery Printing Company, Effingham, IL, for Kingery Printing Company for Behind the Shutter Magazine  in the Magazine Series category.

2nd Runner-Up: LCP, Waukegan, IL, for Lake County Press 2021 Calendar in the Calendars category.

Best of Packaging: Quantum Group, Morton Grove, IL, for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin / Wisconsin Cheese Box Retail Sample Kit in the Product Packaging Assembly category.

Best of Illinois: LCP for Google X in the Soft Cover Books category.

Best of Indiana: Lithotone, Inc., Elkhart, IN, for Wieland Designs sixinch catalog in the Product Catalogs (4 or more colors) category.

Best of Wisconsin: Philipp Lithographing Co., Grafton, WI, for Mountain Dew Out Here It’s Dew Display in the Large Format Printing category.

Judges’ Choice: Fey Printing for Four Seasons Minneapolis in the Promotional Campaigns, Consumer category.

Addison People’s Choice: International Label and Printing Co. Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL,  for Yoomi Hand Sanitizer in the They Said It Couldn’t Be Done category.

Milwaukee People’s Choice: Arandell, Menomonee Falls, WI, for YETI Fall-Winter 20 in the Environmentally Sound Materials category.

Awards Annual:

Please click here to view or download a pdf of this year’s Awards Annual.


Please click here for the Addison photo album.

Please click here for the Milwaukee photo album.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

2021 GEAs Environmentally Sound Materials Description

About the Best of Category winner:

Arandell, Menomonee Falls, WI, for YETI Fall-Winter 20:

The YETI Fall-Winter 20 catalog was printed using 50# Rolland Opaque Smooth for body pages and 100# Rolland Opaque Smooth for cover stock. Both are FSC-certified and use 30 percent post-consumer waste materials in the paper production process, meaning at least 30 percent of the materials used to make these stocks are from consumer recycled paper materials. At Arandell, we use soy-based inks that contain as much soy content as possible, without impacting the overall quality of the ink itself. Soy-based inks are much more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum-based inks in part because the ink can be broken down much quicker when it comes time for the paper substrate to be recycled. In addition, this particular piece was printed on a press that has a dryer that recycles and runs off of the fumes from the burn-off of the ink.

Alex Krupski
Marketing Coordinator
Arandell Corporation

Information on Essential Businesses

Information on Essential Businesses

April 17, 2020

As of April 17, 2020, version 3.0 of the CISA’s Guidance specifically includes printers and packagers as essential. If your company is a vendor, supplier or provides other support to an essential business that is required for the essential business’s operation, then your business is exempt. Additionally, if your company is engaged in, “mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery and pick-up services” you also are exempt from the executive orders.


March 24, 2020

Over the past few days the Association have been working with the governors’ offices in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin to determine the status of printers during “Stay in Shelter” (IL), “Stay at Home (IN), and Safer at Home” (WI) Executive Orders. It should be noted that the language used in all three executive orders mirrors one another.

Please note that printers are not specifically listed as an “essential business” in the executive orders. However, if your company is a vendor, supplier or provides other support to an essential business that is required for the essential business’s operation, then your business is exempt. Additionally, if your company is engaged in, “mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery and pick-up services” you are also exempt from the executive orders. To view a list of what is essential, please click here.

The printing industry continues to be a major supply chain vendor to Critical Infrastructure Industries outlined by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and are essential for the continued function of the economy in this time of crisis. We realize each company will manage these orders in their own way and we encourage each to practice safe guidelines that have been spelled out by the United States Center for Disease Control.

As we move forward, the Association will continue providing the industry with information on proposed legislation and education on how to navigate during this extremely difficult event. As always, please contact us directly at (262) 522-2210 if you have any questions or need assistance in any way.

Joseph Lyman
Great Lakes Graphics Association
Phone- 262-522-2212

GLGA’s Postpress Services Matrix

GLGA’s Postpress Services Matrix

GLGA’s popular Postpress Reference Matrix features only GLGA members whose primary business function is postpress. There are numerous benefits to working with a trade postpress partner to complete your work. Trade postpress partners have an uncompromising expertise in the services they provide, with a skilled staff whose only focus is on the finishing and binding capabilities they offer. Choosing to work with a trade binder or finisher allows you to spend your time and resources in the printing area where you excel.

The Postpress Reference Matrix is a downloadable Excel file. The spreadsheet format makes it easier to sort and filter the almost 100 capabilities listed in the matrix to find needed services. Consult the Capabilities Matrix tab to identify the services you require. Company mail addresses, phone numbers, website addresses, email addresses, and contact person names are in the Contact info tab.

Download the Postpress Reference Matrix from our Find a Printer/Supplier page.