About GLGA

The Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) brings together two strong and successful industry state associations, creating an organization that is positioned to best advocate for and provide services to printers and graphics companies in a three-state area. The Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association (PII) and the Printing Industries of Wisconsin (PIW) merged in 2011 to create GLGA, a new association that represents 13 percent of the total print market in the United States. GLGA’s three-state region accounts for combined annual shipments of nearly $19 billion, according to the most recent Print Market Atlas. 

Declaration Statement:

GLGA is focused on delivering solutions to its membership that improve their businesses through:

• Increased sales
• Improved profitability
• Education
• Leveraging Industry resources
• Fostering strategic alliances
• Buying Programs
• Government advocacy
• Ongoing communications and networking
• Expert technical resources and Industry research
• Finding, developing and recruiting quality employees
• Promote printing and emerging technologies

Member focused. Solution driven.