GEAs Categories, Call for Entries and Easy Entry

21st Annual Graphics Excellence Awards

The 2020 Graphics Excellence Awards is open for entries! The Call for Entries brochure has been mailed; downloaded a pdf by clicking here.

Make your ID tags in seconds with the Easy Entry files; click here to download the zip file.

If you have any questions, please contact Debra Warner at (262) 439-8992 or

Entry deadline is Monday, March 2, 2020. We can’t wait to see your work!

2020 Categories

(* – indicates categories awarding Best of Division awards)

A Folders and Binders
A1 – Folders (1, 2, or 3 colors)
A2* – Folders (4 or more colors)
A3 – Binders (4 or more colors)

B Brochures, Broadsides, Booklets and Flyers
B1 – Brochures and Broadsides (1, 2, or 3 colors)
B2* – Brochures and Broadsides (4 or more colors)
B3 – Booklets (1, 2, or 3 colors)
B4* – Booklets (4 or more colors)
B5 – Flyers
B7 – Booklet or Brochure Series

C Catalogs
C1 – Product/Service Catalogs (1, 2, or 3 colors)
C2* – Product Catalogs (4 or more colors)
C3* – Service Catalogs (4 or more colors)
C4 – Product/Service Catalogs (cover: sheetfed, interior: web)

D Books, Book Jackets and Diaries
D1 – Juvenile Books
D2 – Hard Cover Trade Books, Journals and Other Books
D3 – Soft Cover Books
D4 – School Textbooks
D5 – School Yearbooks
D7 – Book Jackets
D8 – Novelty Books
D9 – Diaries and Desk Calendars
D10 – Art Books
D11 – Cookbooks

E Magazines, Newspapers and Inserts
E1* – Fashion/Health/Pop Culture Magazines
E2* – Architectural/Art/Travel/Other Magazines
E3 – Magazines (cover: sheetfed, interior: web)
E4 – Magazine Inserts
E5 – Magazine Series
E6 – Newspapers
E7 – Retail Advertising Inserts (heatset or coldset)

F – Internal Communication Pieces

G  – Newsletters

H* – Business and Annual Reports

I Point-of-Purchase Materials
I1 – Point-of-Purchase Counter/Shelf
I2 – Point-of-Purchase Hanging/Wall/Window
I3 – Point-of-Purchase Floor/Stand Alone
I4 – Point-of-Purchase Other

J Posters and Art Prints
J1 – Posters
J2 – Art Prints

K – Cards

L Invitations and Programs
L1 – Invitations (1, 2, or 3 colors)
L2 – Invitations (4 or more colors)
L3 – Programs (1, 2, or 3 colors)
L4 – Programs (4 or more colors)

M* – Calendars

N On-Demand and Digital Printing
N1 – Digital Printing – On-Demand
N2 – Variable Data Digital Printing
N3 – Digital Printing – Campaigns
N4 – Digital Books
N5 – Digital Large Format
N6 – Digital Tag/Label
N7 – Digital Packaging – Folded Carton
N8 – Digital Packaging – Flexible Packaging and Pouches

O Postpress and Finishing Techniques
O1 – Foil Stamping
O2 – Embossing/Debossing
O3* – Diecuts, Pop-Ups, Unique Folds, and Involvement Devices
O4* – Specialty Inks or Coatings, Fragrances, or “Invisible” Printing Inks
O5 – Other Special Finishing and/or Folding Techniques
O6 – Product Packaging Assembly
O7 – Binding

P Alternative Printing Methods
P1 – Hi-Fidelity Printing
P2 – Stochastic Printing
P3 – Lenticular Printing

Q – Directories and Source Books

R Stationery and Office Materials
R1 – Business Cards
R2 – Stationery Packages (1, 2, or 3 colors)
R3 – Stationery Packages (4 or more colors)

S – Environmentally Sound Materials

SA – They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

SB – Envelopes

TL Packaging/Labels – Lithography
TL1* – Cartons and Containers
TL2 – Litho Labels and Wraps, Cut and Stack, Sheetfed
TL3 – Labels and Wraps, Rolled Products/Pressure Sensitive

TF Packaging Labels – Flexography
TF4 – Flexo Narrow Web Labels and Wraps, Rolled Products/Pressure Sensitive
TF5 – Flexo Cartons and Containers
TF6 – Flexo-Bags
TF7 – Flexo-Mid Web, Line
TF8 – Flexo-Mid Web, Process
TF9 – Flexo-Mid Web, Screen
TF10 – Flexo-Wide Web, Line
TF11 – Flexo-Wide Web, Process
TF12 – Flexo-Wide Web, Screen

U* – Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion

V Web Press Printing
V1 – Web Press Printing, Coated or Uncoated Paper (1, 2, or 3 colors)
V2 – Web Press Printing, Coated Paper (4 or more colors)
V3 – Uncoated Paper (4 or more colors, heatset or coldset)

W Marketing/Promotional Materials
W1 – Promotional Campaigns, Business-to-Business
W2 – Promotional Campaigns, Consumer
W3 – Direct Mail Campaigns, Business-to-Business
W4 – Direct Mail Campaigns, Consumer
W5 – Media Kits
W6 – Single Promotional Self-Mailer
W7 – Self-Mailing Unit
W8 – Cross Media Promotion

X Specialty Printing
X1 – Large Format Printing
X2 – Specialty Printing – Other

Y Special Innovation Awards
Y1 – Special Innovation Awards – Printing
Y2 – Special Innovation Awards – Other

Z Students
Z1 – Students; 50% of work completed by students
Z2 – Students; prepress through print production