History of GLGA

The Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) was created through the merger of two strong and successful industry trade associations, creating an organization that is positioned to best advocate for and provide services to printers and graphics companies in the three-state regional area of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Minutes from the first meeting of the Milwaukee Typothetae.

The Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association (PII) and the Printing Industries of Wisconsin (PIW) merged in 2011 to create GLGA. Founded in 1927, PII’s membership consisted of nearly 350 companies in Illinois and Indiana, an area that is home to one of the largest concentrations of printers and print-related companies in the United States. PIW was first organized in 1886 as Milwaukee Typothetae, and in 125 years expanded to include a number of printing associations. Wisconsin is home to some of the largest printers in the United States.

The merger of PII and PIW into GLGA provides members with group-buying discounts, expert resources and tools, a variety of business services, networking opportunities, essential communication and regulatory advocacy.