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Exciting opportunity to join a growing, dynamic organization and make a difference!

H&H Graphics / Pull to Win Products is looking for a Plant Manager to join our team in Vernon Hills, Illinois.


Leads the daily production activities of the company to meet key business objectives in safety, productivity, quality, cost reduction, regulatory compliance, and adherence to company policies. Develops and maintains production and staff schedules. Manages, directs and oversees all production activity. Supervises and coordinates the activities of production workers, including hiring, training, development and discipline. Works closely with the management team to perform these responsibilities. Reports to the President & CEO.


Health and Safety
o Prioritizes and enforces safety protocols and best practices to ensure a safe working environment for all employees. Ensures that all safety rules and safety equipment usage requirements are known and observed by the production team.

o Conducts regular safety training and promotes a culture of safety awareness and compliance.

Production Management
o Develops and implements production plans, schedules and strategies to meet production targets and optimize resource utilization. Communicates daily production schedule and expectations to all employees.

o Monitors production processes and workflow to ensure efficient and effective manufacturing operations.

o Identifies areas for process improvement and implements solutions to enhance production efficiency and quality.

Quality Assurance
o Ensures that printed products meet or exceed quality standards and customer expectations.

o Makes certain that quality control procedures are followed by production employees at all times.

o Improves and implements quality control processes and conducts regular inspections to identify and rectify any deviations from quality requirements.

o Collaborates with all departments to address quality related issues and implement corrective actions.

Team Leadership
o Leads and manages a diverse team including machine operators, technicians and support staff.

o Provides clear direction, sets performance expectations, and offers guidance and feedback to team members.

o Manages, motivates, evaluates, disciplines and rewards production staff. Gives meaningful feedback, formally or informally as appropriate. Addresses employee complaints and resolves interpersonal problems.

o Fosters a positive and collaborative work environment that encourages employee engagement, development and growth.

o Requests additional labor as needed, whether temporary or full time. Interviews and hires new employees working with HR support. Develops training plans and oversees training of new employees.

Resource Management
o Optimizes the utilization of equipment, materials and manpower to ensure efficient production and cost-effective operations.

o Maintains inventory levels for printing supplies, materials and equipment parts and coordinates with procurement to restock or purchase as necessary.

Maintenance and Upkeep
o Collaborates with Operations to ensure printing equipment is properly maintained and serviced to minimize downtime and maximize lifespan.

o Schedules routine maintenance and repairs and addresses any unexpected equipment issues promptly.

o Ensures production floor and facility are maintained in a clean, neat and orderly manner.

Reporting and Analysis
o Generates regular reports on production performance, efficiency, quality metrics, and other relevant KPI’s.

o Analyzes data to identify trends, opportunities for improvement and areas requiring immediate attention.

o Participates in management team meetings, discussions, and strategic initiatives as appropriate.

o Performs other duties as assigned.


· Bachelor’s degree in a printing or manufacturing related field, or equivalent experience.

· Proven experience in plant management and/or printing with a minimum of five (5) years in a managerial role.

· Self-motivated, resourceful, and able to work independently in a small company environment. Must be able to assimilate with the culture and expectations of management and take initiative.

· Knowledge of printing process, equipment and technologies preferred.

· Strong analytical, problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities.

· Ability to develop and adhere to processes, policies and procedures including working knowledge of OSHA Safety Regulations.

· Strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to effectively communicate and respond to questions from sales, customer service, project management, customers and employees.

· Commitment to quality, safety and continuous improvement.

If you are a results-oriented individual with a passion for driving operational excellence, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join our team and contribute to the success of our organization as we continue to grow.

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