Upcoming October 2023 “Printing Industry Performance and Insights” Study

September 26, 2023 – With many baby boomers retiring, the supply of employees is not meeting the current demand. That makes recruiting employees critical today, yet recruiting is challenging in most industries including ours. This competition for new employees will impact firms in the foreseeable future. In our next Printing Industry Performance and Insights (PIPI) study, we aim to explore this question: “What are effective ways for printing companies to brand their firm as a good place to work?” We hope to provide printing company leaders with actionable knowledge to help them fill their workforce gaps.

Given USPS rate changes, paper supply questions, macroeconomic concerns, and other issues, the printing industry is in a dynamic environment. In that context, we seek to provide printing company leaders with a big-picture view of our industry. From our study, we will provide insights about our industry’s outlook, nationally and regionally, and how macroeconomic factors are affecting printing companies. This will provide printing company leaders with a foundation of knowledge from which they can assess their company’s situation and decide what, if any, actions are needed.

We will release our survey in early October. More survey participation will strengthen the knowledge our study produces. Please complete our survey! If you have comments or questions about our upcoming study, please email Dr. Ralph Williams.


Editor’s note: the Great Lakes Graphics Association is among 15 regional printing associations partnering to sponsor the PIPI studies. Click here to download previous study reports from the Members Only area of the GLGA website. If you need a log-in, register quickly here.