Strategies for Managing Episodic Hazardous-Waste Generation

Presented by Julie LaRose
Waste Management Specialist –Senior
State of Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources

Those who were able to attend learned the US EPA on November 28, 2016, EPA issued a rule that finalizes an update to the hazardous-waste generator regulations to make the rules easier for those classified as “very small quantity generators” or “small quantity generators” to maintain their generator category. The updated regulation allows for an “episodic” event that could allow disposal of an excessive amount of waste.

“Episodic events” refer to an activity or activities, either planned or unplanned, that do not normally occur during generator operations and result in an increase in the generation of hazardous wastes that exceed the calendar-month quantity limits for the generator. The map shows which states have adopted the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements final rule and which states have been authorized by EPA to implement it. Remember, only very small quantity and small quantity generators are eligible for episodic events.

You can download the Webinar slides and other Wisconsin DNR supportive materials such as PDFs to help you understand “episodic-event” regulatory requirements:

The following link will help you learn more: Where is the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule in Effect? | US EPA

“If your state has adopted or been authorized to implement the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements rule, contact your state EPA agency to learn more about filing a notification for an episodic event.”

For more information, contact Julie LaRose at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.