GLGA’s Postpress Services Matrix

GLGA’s popular Postpress Reference Matrix features only GLGA members whose primary business function is postpress. There are numerous benefits to working with a trade postpress partner to complete your work. Trade postpress partners have an uncompromising expertise in the services they provide, with a skilled staff whose only focus is on the finishing and binding capabilities they offer. Choosing to work with a trade binder or finisher allows you to spend your time and resources in the printing area where you excel.

The Postpress Reference Matrix is a downloadable Excel file. The spreadsheet format makes it easier to sort and filter the almost 100 capabilities listed in the matrix to find needed services. Consult the Capabilities Matrix tab to identify the services you require. Company mail addresses, phone numbers, website addresses, email addresses, and contact person names are in the Contact info tab.

Download the Postpress Reference Matrix from our Find a Printer/Supplier page.