Special Offer for GLGA Members on Customized On Demand Product Packaging Solutions


All major freight carriers have begun to base shipping costs on weight and container dimension. That means empty space in your boxes costs you money or makes you less competitive in the marketplace. With Packsize On Demand Packaging® you get a perfectly sized box for every product every time.

Packsize On Demand Packaging® provides customized product packaging solutions that save GLGA members money by:

  • Reducing your box management costs and eliminating obsolete inventory created by minimum order quantities
  • Creating boxes that ‘fit’ the contents eliminating the need for fillers and extra time packing each container
  • Using less corrugated material and thereby demonstrating your focus on environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint

In addition, Packsize has a special offer for GLGA members:

  • Packsize will install, at your facility, the fabricating equipment needed to make the custom boxes at no cost. (Minimum quantities apply). An $11,000 value!
  • Provide a 1% annual rebate on all purchases, once the volume from all GLGA member companies exceeds a threshold volume.

This program can save GLGA members money on corrugated costs, valuable warehouse space in storing obsolete or little used box inventories and streamline manufacturing throughput by not having to wait for custom sized boxes to be delivered from an outside vendor.

To learn more visit or contact Jeff Tarr, Area Manager, Packsize Inc. at (801) 944-4814 or