Lean Methodologies and Efficiency Improvement

Are you trying to find ways improve efficiencies in your operation? You are not alone. Identifying approaches to accomplish more throughput with less resources can be a daunting task. Lean Methodologies combined with implementing a Lean Enterprise Culture can be a pivotal paradigm shift in creating the framework for Transformational Excellence.

What is Lean? The core concept is simply to create more value, for both internal and external customers, by eliminating waste in the system. The process requires a change in thinking from focusing on islands within an organization to focusing on the entire value stream and optimizing flow. It is about working smarter not harder. Lean Processes apply to any industry and any process. Manufacturing, Accounting, Sales, Engineering, Purchasing are all examples where Lean processes have had profound impact on improving performance.

Lean tools establish processes to identify “wastes” in the system and guide changes to how work is done to reduce or eliminate those “wastes”. In a recent Set Up Reduction or SMED(Single Minute Exchange of Die) Kaizen on a flexographic press, numerous wastes were eliminated resulting in over $200,000 of savings! Reducing or eliminating bolts, reducing steps, and having tools point of use (POU) are a few of the opportunities often found when looking for waste.

If you are looking for guidance on implementing a Lean Culture to help achieve your goals, SPL Consulting, LLC. can be the partner you are looking for.

Brian Van de Water
SPL Consulting, LLC.