DTC Webinar: Upshift – On-Demand Staffing Platform

Transparency. Flexibility. Quality. The pillars of the gig economy workforce, but also what Upshift provides its print and fulfillment partners throughout the U.S. Upshift is a mobile-first, on-demand labor marketplace that connects printers nationwide with W2 flex workers in real-time for both short-term shifts and Upshift-to-Hire positions in positions ranging from pickers/packers to bindery associates and assemblers. Upshift’s next-generation platform gives workers the freedom to find work when they want it and businesses the resources to find just-in-time staff when they need it. Upshift’s platform results in a net success rate north of 90 percent vs the temp staffing industry standard of 40 percent.

Upshift CEO Steve Anevski discusses how they are solving contingent labor challenges in the print and fulfillment industries by bridging the gap between the gig economy and traditional staffing through its streamlined mobile labor fulfillment solution.

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