DTC Webinar: Easily Track and Manage Employee Performance

Performance Management has never been a favorite activity for employees, managers or HR. Current standard processes have failed to produce quantifiable or even accurate results to help employees improve and companies run better.

Quix PM is a start up that aims to solve that problem using a mobile based continuous feedback app. Whether you are using paper forms, a current system or no process today, Quix is a simpler and more insightful approach that will provide significant value to your company. Quix PM is as simple for employees and managers to use as an app like Uber or Lyft. In return for this simplified approach, feedback is measured more frequently, generating a more accurate picture of performance. For HR, the increased measurement opens the door to use performance management results to build a more nuanced and complete picture of employee performance over time, identifying high-performers, problem employees, potential management issues and even hidden biases.

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