Discover New Digital Opportunities with Clickable Paper

Augmented Reality is a hot topic, and this webinar will show you how you can use it to provide more value to your customers and generate new revenue in the process. Print providers must differentiate their businesses to beat the competition and Visual Search Technology will allow you to enhance traditional printed pieces to connect end users with digital content. Just by pointing a smartphone or tablet at a printed piece, users can be immersed in a digital experience.

Augmented reality helps your printed materials live longer, adding more value to the standard printed page. Being able to provide this added value to your customers will ultimately earn you more long-term business.

In this webinar we will:

  • Review the various augmented reality technologies
  • Discuss their strengths and weaknesses
  • Show you a wide range of real life applications
  • Explore the detailed analytics available
  • Discuss postal trends and opportunities for savings

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