Credit and Collection Services

How do you protect your company from “Slow-Pay-No-Pay” customers who move from printer to printer, leaving a string of unpaid bills in their wake, while still being able to grant credit to good customers who request it. Printing Industries Alliance Credit Services will assist you in evaluating the credit worthiness of prospective and current customers and help you collect from accounts that have gone bad.

Printing Industries Credit Bureau

GLGA’s partner – the Printing Industries Credit Bureau (PICB) – brings members effective services in the area of credit management and collections.

Collection Services
PICB is a full service agency, national in scope, that specializes in the unique issues associated with the graphic communications industry. PICB supplies assistance in developing credit management procedures, assistance and tools for risk analysis, and professional debt collection services.

For those cases that have gotten to the point where legal referral is needed, PICB maintains a network of collection attorneys across the country that can sue your debtor any place in the country.

Due Diligence Reports
Use PICB to conduct a “due diligence” report on a potential or current customer. These reports include:

  • Verification of address, phone number, and corporate status
  • Lawsuit and civil records
  • Land records
  • UCC and Lien Records
  • City, County & State Licensing

This information will help you build a complete picture of your customer and verify information you have from your credit application.

Riskee Business
Don’t get burned by the same company! Search the PICB database for records on companies previously submitted for collections.

Kredit Karma

  • Review uncollected judgments on print customers from across the country.
  • “Where’s The Money?” – Monthly newsletter containing Credit Tips, Ask the Attorney and more.
  • Contact Printing Industries Credit Bureau at (847) 265-0400 or visit their website.