Adhesive Binding Skill Assessment

The National Council is proud to introduce skill assessments for the print industry. Developed by industry professionals and print experts, National Council Skill Assessments are the best resource for you to quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of employees and potential employees.

The Value of Skill Assessments:

Better understand your current and potential employees’ knowledge and target training accordingly.

Compare the results of your test taker with other press operators nationally.

All testing is done online at the convenience of your facility. Test results go to test takers and their supervisor.

The Adhesive Binding Skill Assessment tests in the areas an adhesive binding operator should know – it consists of 50 questions and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. The questions range from basics about safety and procedure to specifics on printing process and technique. When successfully completed, results are provided immediately following completion of the assessment.

To register for an assessment, please contact Sharon Flick at (262) 522-2210.