GLGA News: Sifted Joins GLGA as Preferred Logistics Intelligence Partner

April 17, 2023 –  Logistics Intelligence software company Sifted has joined the Great Lakes Graphics Association as their preferred Logistics Intelligence partner. The partnership will introduce GLGA members to Sifted’s software services and provide them a 10 percent discount on subscriptions to Sifted’s Logistics Intelligence platform.

“I’m enthusiastic for Sifted to join GLGA and build on the success we’ve had in reducing UPS/FedEx costs for other members,” says Sean Galloway, Account Executive at Sifted. “2023 represents a unique opportunity for shippers to have more control in managing their parcel spend.”

Logistics Intelligence turns FedEx and UPS invoice data into powerful insights for shippers. Users see their “Sifted Score,” a credit score-like system that analyzes their shipping health. Additionally, the software supports decisions through modeling and simulation capabilities, carrier management tools and automation of tasks like invoice audits and carrier bill pay.

Thomas Johnson, President and CEO of GLGA member LCP, Waukegan, IL, has already experienced the benefit of software-enabled data insights. “LCP gained critical insight into both our shipping operations and costs from Sifted’s analysis,” he says. “Since partnering with them, we’ve found the Sifted team and their technology invaluable in identifying and executing on the opportunities they identify.”

GLGA members interested in seeing Logistics Intelligence in action can request a demo with Sean Galloway at

About Sifted:

Sifted is the leading Logistics Intelligence software that combines insights with expertise to empower confident, smarter shipping decisions. Sifted transforms data from 1.2 billion shipments annually into powerful insights to help users reduce shipping costs, improve delivery speed and efficiency and secure best-in-class rates. Since 2007, Sifted’s predictive technology has helped over 5,000 clients save hundreds of millions of dollars through operational efficiency and contractual improvements.