GLGA News: GLGA Meets with WIDNR


December 4, 2019 – On December 4, 2019, Joseph Lyman of the Great Lakes Graphics Association met with representatives of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WIDNR) to continue streamlining requirements that help printers comply with WIDNR regulations. This partnership with WIDNR has existed nearly three decades and has been extremely beneficial for the industry and the agency.

During the meeting, we discussed:

  • Review of 2019 Green Tier Charter accomplishments and establishing 2020 Green Tier Charter goals
  • Sustainability webinar topics for 2020
  • Recruitment of print facilities for the WIDNR Green Tier program
  • Solar group buying program update
  • WIDNR air rules
  • WIDNR Printer Environmental Results program
  • Solid waste management

“The regulatory compliance work the Association performs on behalf of the industry continues to be one of the most important things we do,” said Joseph Lyman, GLGA president. “We are fortunate to have a close relationship with the WIDNR, and we look forward to making it easier for printers to achieve environmental compliance.”