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Below are questions posed by GLGA members in the topic Staffing Questions. Click on the link in the question to see its compilation of answers.

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Staffing Questions

  1. Workforce development: anticipated retirements, new hires, and needed educational levels, business skills and technical knowledge? (06/17/19)
  2. For union printers, can non-union employees perform production work on any union label? (11/01/18)
  3. What are other organizations are doing with requirements for notice of retirement? (03/08/18)
  4. Does anyone has a proven method for recruiting good people to fill your manufacturing positions? (11/11/16)
  5. How do you staff production managers and/or supervisors to be the most effective for all? (06/27/16)
  6. What is your policy for sending permanent vs. temporary employees home first when times are slow? (01/20/16)
  7. Our experienced operators train new staff. Do you offer the employee doing the training a second rate of pay to compensate them for their time and knowledge transfer? (01/19/16)
  8. Are your estimators set up hourly or salary? (12/11/15)
  9. How do companies compensate production employees who have multiple skill sets and/or who are flexible with helping in other departments? (11/20/15)
  10. Have other folks in the Chicagoland area been experiencing difficulty getting temporary workers since Chicago’s minimum wage was raised to $10/hour? (11/17/15)
  11. Does your company employ individuals under the age of 18, and if yes what are your restrictions? (08/23/15)
  12. Are your CSR’s are paid an hourly wage or an annual salary? (05/12/15)
  13. We are wanting to know the ratio of support staff to the total number of employees for various support departments. (02/24/15)
  14. What is your “Work Alone Policy?” (12/19/14)
  15. Does anyone have any experience with hiring sales interns? (09/18/14)
  16. What policy language do other employers have in their handbooks regarding a long-term absence and compliance with ADAAA? (06/11/14)
  17. I am interested in hearing from others if they require exempt staff to clock in and out for record keeping purposes. (06/05/14)
  18. For those who have a dedicated Customer Service Department, what position do your CSR’s report to? Do you include your CSR in sales meetings? (02/18/14)
  19. Would anyone have a sample job description or ad for a Distribution Manager that you could share? (01/10/14)


  1. Could other members please share their bereavement policies? (06/14/18)
  2. How do you handle call-ins for weather or illness for office salary employees? (01/22/18)
  3. We have a problem with employees who just refuse to take a lunch period regardless of how many hours they work. (10/13/17)
  4. What are our policies regarding the time clock grace period at the start and end of an employee’s scheduled shift? (05/02/16)
  5. How are you handling the new amendment to the Illinois Wage Payment Collection Act that requires exempt employees to keep a daily log of hours worked? (03/24/16)
  6. I am looking for a good, solid, fair attendance policy. If your company is unionized, is the policy is part of the union contract? (02/16/16)
  7. What is the best way to handle paid time off for bereavement leave now that families come in so many shapes and sizes? (09/26/14)
  8. What sort/brand of time and attendance systems are in use to automate the process? (09/22/14)
  9. What policies do other members have regarding tardiness and calling sick into work less than 24 hours? (09/05/14)
  10. If you have an attendance policy in place, does it include both exempt and nonexempt staff? (06/05/14)
  11. How do other companies handle when an employee has Reserves once a month for the Military? (12/23/13)

Jury Duty:

  1. We are wondering how others handle Jury Duty pay when it comes to some of the funny shifts? (02/20/18)
  2. What is your policy for employees who have jury duty? (10/01/13)


  1. Do other companies have a policy that they could share on mandatory overtime? (09/20/18)
  2. Do you use mandatory overtime? What are your policies? (12/06/16)
  3. I was wondering how facilities that run three shifts handle shift transitions? (06/07/16)
  4. What type of break schedule do members offer for 10-hour shifts? (08/21/15)
  5. What is your “flex-time” and/or “working from home” policy? (06/10/15)
  6. How do you preschedule or determine which crew would work a weekend when work volume is available? (08/22/14)
  7. For those companies working 12 hour shifts or a 24/7 work schedule what is their start time? (02/18/14)
  8. What are the pros and cons of moving to a three days on, 12-hour-day work schedule? (10/07/13)
  9. Are you presently running 2 or 3 shifts and can you tell me if you have changed to less shifts or different hours strategies since the recession and how that is working? (10/07/13)
  10. It seems like the brunt of rotating layoffs and hour reductions are affecting the hourly employees the most. Can anyone share what they have done with their exempt employees, CSR’s/management. (2009)


  1. How does everyone handle new employee orientation? (03/28/16)
  2. What do you do to successfully prepare a new sales rep to sell your wares? (08/19/15)
  3. Does the use of a letterpress have a place in a current graphic communications training program? (03/02/15)
  4. Does anyone have suggestions on how to train staff to edit PDF files? (09/24/14)

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