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Below are questions posed by GLGA members in the topic Recommendations for Professional Services. Click on the link in the question to see its compilation of answers.

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Recommendations – Professional Services

  1. We are looking for vendors for paper knife sharpening and sewn saddle binding. (04/04/18)
  2. Does anyone have experience with handling liquor as a co-packer in Illinois? (02/22/18)
  3. I am looking for a resource to create a Void pantograph for security paper. (03/29/18)
  4. Can anyone recommend a company to train on a Gamma Stacker? (03/21/18)
  5. Can anyone recommend a business consulting firm to help us work through some growing pains? (02/07/2018)
  6. Has anyone used an electrical bill auditing firm? (12/27/17)
  7. What marketing companies have other printers have used to market their businesses? (06/12/17)
  8. We are looking for a managed IT services company and a vending services provider to offer fresh foods, beverages, and coffee services. (06/05/17)
  9. Who are you using for your uniform and print rag vendor? (03/17/17)
  10. Who can the membership recommend “for hire” maintenance or engineering services. (04/04/17)
  11. Does anyone have a resource for converting a publication to Spanish? (11/11/16)
  12. We’re looking at converting from landline phones to VOIP. Could you weigh in on your solution and experience on Internet Service and voice-over-IP? (07/07/16)
  13. Who did you use for Employer Shared Responsibility Service Reporting? (07/06/16)
  14. Does anyone have a recommendation for a supplier of custom size wooden pallets? (05/01/16)
  15. We are looking for a vendor to supply chipboard tray cartons. Who do you recommend? (10/29/15)
  16. Do any of the members have experience, positive or negative, with hiring a consulting firm for analyzing their business for strategic growth?. (03/04/15)
  17. Who are you using as your payroll provider? (02/16/15)
  18. Do you have a source for an independent G7 certified consultant? (03/28/14)
  19. Does anyone know who would be able scan film (41 X 29) to file for us? (02/21/14)
  20. I am looking to replace our trade show booth; can anyone can do something like this? (08/22/13)

Appraisers, Movers and Workflow:

  1. Can anyone recommend a good industry resource to design a better workflow? (01/16/18)
  2. I am looking for a company or person who is experienced in laying out a printing plant for best workflow. (05/31/16)
  3. We are getting close to maybe moving our plant. We are looking for companies that could give us quotes to move our presses, etc. (09/30/13)
  4. We are looking at upgrading our CTP equipment and trying to decide whether to do it all. Is there a place to find out what the equipment would be worth? (10/03/13)
  5. We want to get our equipment appraised and wondered if anyone had some recommendations. (08/20/13)

Augmented Reality

  1. We are looking for a vendor to program an augmented reality project that interfaces with a print project. (01/09/18)
  2. Does anyone have a contact that is capable of bringing augmented reality to a brochure we are printing? (10/25/13)

Disposal and Recycling:

  1. Who are other printers are using for their parts washer with a monthly service and their ink & chemical drum waste pick-up? (12/12/17)
  2. Are there still outlets available for printers to sell excess paper to other printers? (03/16/17)
  3. Who is recycling your poly plates? (06/16/14)
  4. I am looking for a service to remove all old wooden skids. (01/23/14)

Employment Agencies:

  1. If you use temporary staffing firms, what is the straight-time mark-up rate that you are paying the firms? (11/15/18)
  2. What staffing agencies are companies using to find employees for office positions? (01/12/18)
  3. Does anyone have a head hunter or temp agency that can find some decent candidates for the bindery department? (04/13/15)
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good Chicago area temp agency? (10/11/13)

Printer/Finisher Capabilities:

  1. Does anyone have contacts for small quantity plastic bags printed with full color or up to 3 spot colors. (01/18/18)
  2. We are looking for a list of HIPAA compliant printers in the Midwest. (01/17/18)
  3. Who are other printers use for any co-mailing demands? (06/14/16)
  4. We need a supplier that will place & glue ( “in register”) .008 to .015 mil scored plastic windows onto flat die cut folding carton blanks. (04/07/15)
  5. Who do you use for die cutting & tag stringing as well as die cutting and board mounting for POS case cards? (11/19/14)
  6. Does anyone have a referral for a company that does high-quality laser diecutting? (04/11/14)
  7. Does anyone have any information about Braille printers in Illinois, Indiana or Wisconsin? (03/25/14)
  8. Are there any printers in the tri-state area that are FDA approved printers? (01/08/14)


  1. Who are you utilizing for truckload deliveries? (11/18/15)
  2. Does anyone have any advice for economically shipping packages and potentially freight (skids) to South America? (03/20/15)
  3. Are you using a service to audit your Fed Ex and UPS bills to look for overcharges/billing errors? Do you find it beneficial? (03/10/15)

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