Member Questions – Environmental, Health and Safety

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Below are questions posed by GLGA members in the topic Environmental, Health and Safety Questions. Click on the link in the question to see its compilation of answers.

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EHS Questions

  1. How do other companies assign the task of environmental reporting? (01/21/19)
  2. What methods you have used to inform the rest of your employees about your AED program? (11/21/18)
  3. Has anyone had to respond to a client in reference to conforming to California Proposition 65? (08/20/18)
  4. How do you handle MSDS labeling when you move chemicals into smaller bottles? (07/15/16)
  5. What policies do companies have regarding weight limits for employees lifting? (06/11/15)
  6. Can you share your chemical spill procedure/policy? (01/19/15)
  7. If someone violates a safety policy, other than a basic write-up, does anyone monetarily fine the employee? (05/13/14)


  1. What are you doing to alert your staff in the event of an active shooter? (04/02/18)
  2. I wonder how other members handle building security? (12/09/15)

Working with Equipment:

  1. What are members’ policies regarding personal use of headphones by someone who has issues with anxiety? (06/11/19)
  2. Do you require staff use of safety glasses and/or protective goggles in your pressrooms? (09/13/18)
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions of safeguards for working with an guillotine cutter? (05/25/18)
  4. Do you require steel tipped shoes for employees? What are your reimbursement policies? (04/30/18)
  5. Just wondering if other printers have policies regarding operators and machine assistants wearing jewelry, primarily rings. (02/16/09)

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