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Do you know your materials costs as a percent of sales? What does it cost you in labor to produce all your products/services each year? What is the average amount of time it takes you to collect receivables, or how effective are your collection procedures? How leveraged is your company? Knowing this information is a good first step, but knowing how to use this information is what helps drive profits. This is what you will learn in this webinar.

You will learn:

· The importance of comparing your company to others of similar size that produce similar products.

· How you can bring your Ratios in line with the profit leaders and how by improving a few key Ratios you can drive serious profit growth!

· Why it is important to know where you are so you can determine if your efforts (implementing a new continuous improvement initiative) are really adding to the bottom line.

We will also cover:

· What tools you are Free to you as a Member

· How to access the tools

· What’s changed to make the Ratios more user friendly and “real world” with a more “product-centric“ approach to categorization

· How you can get a report of your specific company vs. a particular niche

· How you can save time by having have us fill in the survey for you


Date Recorded: Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cost: FREE for GLGA members. Not-yet-members: $49.

About the Presenters:

Stuart Margolis Stuart Margolis, CPA, MT, is the founder of Margolis Partners. Margolis Partners have long been recognized as the financial experts for privately-held businesses with a specialty in print and packaging, assisting companies with strategic and financial management, valuation, mergers/acquisitions, accounting, audit and tax services. The firm is noted for its expertise in enabling companies to optimize profits. Proudly, it is the purveyor of the industry’s Value-Added Principles of Management, and compiles the annual Printing Industries of America Ratios, the printing industry’s premier financial benchmarking tool.


Ed Gleeson Ed Gleeson is the Assistant Vice President, Economic and Market Research of Printing Industries of America.His responsibilities include managing the administration and logistics of PIA surveys, including the panel makeup, questionnaire development, data analysis and development of findings from the Quarterly Market Survey and Member Needs Survey. He manages and develops publications such as the Print Market Atlas, Wage & Salary Surveys, and other research studies. He holds a MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.