We have had reports today from some members that they have received a suspicious email, supposedly from the chairman of our Board of Directors. Please be advised that this IS a phishing scam. It was not authorized by GLGA, it was NOT sent by Kirk Larsen, and we are not looking for gift cards for any charitable donations.
Here is the text of a typical email:

From: Kirk Larsen <presidents@maoravic.com>
Sent: Friday, March 6, 2020 12:57:02 PM
To: <your email address>
Subject: GLGA

How are you doing today? I need your Assistance, are you available? I’m out of town. Can you please handle this for me on behalf of the Association.
Great Lakes Graphics Association, needs Gift cards for donation to Veterans Hospice care unit across the community. Kindly confirm if you can help out.
~Kirk Larsen
GLGA strongly recommends that you DO NOT reply to this email. Delete it.