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Technical/Production Questions

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations on what type of coating or special processes to use to keep a mint flavored coating from being absorbed into a paper insert? (06/21/19)
  2. Can you help with some benchmarking questions for a Heidelberg SM74 4+Coater? (02/05/18)
  3. What do you do when a customer says they did not receive the quantity that we are confident that we sent? And, how do you proof for fold configuration when the job is proofed electronically? (10/13/17)
  4. What tools are other web printers using to measure ink usage? (10/02/17)
  5. While considering web projects with black-only plate changes/versions, we’re wondering how other web printers quote and then produce them. (05/12/17)
  6. How many printers only use virgin paper for set-up vs. waste sheets from previous jobs? (08/05/16)
  7. I would like to get some real-world advice from other printers who have made the transition from Kodak Trillian plates to Senora processorless plate technology. (03/29/16)
  8. Why are we losing yellow when doing digital transfers? (02/09/15)
  9. We are looking for ideas on how to attach a price book to a catalog. (10/23/14)
  10. Can anyone recommend a source for glow in the dark offset inks? (08/05/14)
  11. Are you using poly plates and if so what ink are you using for them? (04/21/14)
  12. We used a solvent called MEK substitute to remove dried heatset inks from metal trolley rollers, and are looking for a product substitute that is less regulated and less harmful for users. (04/11/14)
  13. Does anyone have tips or tricks for printing MagneCote? (04/10/14)
  14. I would like to know if any members have used a direct-machine interface, and if they have found it effective in reducing waste overall. (03/28/14)
  15. Has anyone experienced 80# C1S Litho Labels shrinking by about 1/16” after trimming and before being mounted to corrugated? (03/03/14)
  16. We are having an issue with digitally-printed sheets cracking when we fold it down even after completing a metal rotary score on a MBO folder with the paper grain. (02/14/14)
  17. We are having sporadic issues with the film lamination not adhering well to the printed sheets. Any suggestions for solving this sporadic issue? (10/09/13)
  18. When you are padding do you know of a specific number that is considered industry standards for a pad count being off? (08/22/13)
  19. I am interested in gaining some insight around managing spot work. (08/19/13)
  20. I am looking for help or information on setting up and holding to a maintenance schedule for offset presses. (02/18/14)
  21. On Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, how much ink dry back do you experience? What amount of ink dry back do you consider to be “normal”? (02/18/14)
  22. When a customer specs a Delta-e cmc of 1.5 color tolerance for offset sheetfed match colors, what is the general rule of thumb for real world running conditions? (02/18/14)

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