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Sales Staff Questions

  1. What is the percentage of jobs you estimate in comparison to the ones that you actually get? (08/24/18)
  2. Have you ever hired or considered hiring a sales rep with a book of business? (10/23/17)
  3. How are you handling the OT rules requirement when a person is on a contracted base salary that is below the threshold assigned, but they don’t actually track hours worked? (09/19/16)
  4. Do your sales reps (outside and inside) have a cubicle or an office? (08/26/16)
  5. What activities are most important for a sales rep to accomplish in year one to set up a large pipeline and a successful year two? (08/23/16)
  6. How do you handle insurance benefits for sales reps? (07/01/15)
  7. Does anyone have any policies or procedures on verifying sales expenses? (04/16/15)

Compensation and Commission Programs:

  1. If you offer promotional products, can you share your commission program? (06/21/19)
  2. Has anyone developed a residual commission plan to incentivize a retiring sales person to smoothly transition accounts to a new rep? (12/03/18)
  3. What criteria do you use to determine how a sales rep should earn a commission on sales to a customer? (04/06/18)
  4. How are you compensating your sales team for sales of Grand/Large Format projects? (12/10/15)
  5. What type of sales compensation programs does your company have? (06/24/15)
  6. Do companies still pay their salespeople commissions when a product line expert makes a sale to existing customers? (02/17/15)
  7. If you offer a print on demand store front product, do you pay commissions to your sales staff on VA or gross invoice basis? (06/06/14)
  8. Can you share details regarding your sales compensation program? (05/13/14)
  9. When you have a salesperson on draw against commission and they go in the negative, how is it handled? (05/13/14)
  10. When a customer has gone bankrupt and we have already paid the sales rep their commissions, do we now deduct these commissions from our sales rep since our company will not be paid? (02/18/14)
  11. What is the typical commissions rate or percentage that you pay on web printing vs. sheetfed printing? (02/18/14)
  12. Do you pay commission to a sales rep after they have tendered their resignation? (09/17/13)

Vehicle and Travel Expenses:

  1. How do other companies handle vehicles for outside salespersons? Is anyone leasing vehicles? (04/22/16)
  2. What is your policy and method of reimbursing sales staff for use of their personal vehicles? (06/01/15)
  3. We are interested in finding out how companies establish their sales people travel budgets. (02/07/14)
  4. Does anyone have a formula for applying a monthly or annual cap on travel expense reimbursement for sales reps? (12/18/13)

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