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Sales and Use Tax Questions

  1. What method do printers in Illinois use for handling sales tax? (10/10/17)
  2. I am looking for insight on taxable vs. non-taxable items for Wisconsin MR/MP reports. (08/31/16)
  3. How are fellow Illinois members tracking and paying use tax now that we no longer have exemptions for Graphic Arts Equipment and Machinery? (09/22/15)
  4. How are Illinois printers handling the increase in operating costs with the end of the sales tax exemption on graphic arts consumables? Are you passing this cost through to clients? (03/05/15)
  5. Has anyone had any success utilizing Illinois Title 86, Section 150.206 of the Administrative Code “Interim Use and Demonstration Exemptions” on getting a use tax exemption on the cost price of customer sample sheets? (02/28/14)
  6. We are an Illinois-based company. Our Michigan-based sales manager purchased 2014 calendars for distribution to our customers around the country. Do we owe Illinois Use Tax on this purchase? (03/24/13)

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