Member Questions – Recommendations for Equipment Purchase, Repair and Supplies

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Below are questions posed by GLGA members in the topic Recommendations for Equipment Purchase, Repair and Supplies. Click on the link in the question to see its compilation of answers.

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Equipment Purchase/Replacement:

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for replacing an older humidification system? (06/04/18)
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a semi-automated padder? (05/03/17)
  3. Who makes the best baler and should we get an auto tie baler? (03/09/17)
  4. Does anyone have experience adding a retractable anilox coater to an existing aqueous blanket coating tower on a sheetfed offset press? (11/01/16)
  5. Would anyone have a recommendation for dual platen heat transfer machines? (08/02/16)
  6. What do other printers use for their contract color hard copy proofing? (04/14/16)
  7. What is being used within the industry (both small and large) to produce positives/negative for print? (04/14/16)
  8. I’m wondering if any members have added 3-D printing to their equipment mix. (02/11/16)
  9. Could anyone could give us any ideas on reliable equipment to replace our image setter and possibly our fast dry plate system? (10/09/15)
  10. We are seeking a used or re-built tabber to replace one of ours that is irreparably broken. We are looking for something more substantial than a tabletop model. (05/26/15)
  11. Does anyone have a good recommendation for an envelope feeder for a Quickmaster? (04/23/15)
  12. Does anyone have any suggestions for sourcing a replacement for our Hanagata sealer with a failed PLC? (03/18/15)
  13. I am looking for suggestions for offline UV coating for digital and offset up to a sheet size of 19 x 26 inches. (06/25/14)
  14. We are looking into making signs and banners internally and was wondering what brand of machines the companies in GLGA have had success with. (02/27/14)
  15. Can anybody recommend a solution for short-run digital color envelope production? (02/21/14)
  16. We are looking for a suggestion on a basic folder gluer for standard pocket folders. (02/14/14)

Equipment Repair:

  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for service companies for a Poly Press 5 color press and a Screen 4300 platesetter? (11/05/18)
  2. Can anybody recommend a service to repair my Duplo DC 10000 Booklet Maker? (05/03/18)
  3. Who are printers using to repair Komori equipment? (07/20/16)
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a contact that services Seybold guillotine cutters? (03/18/16)
  5. Can anyone recommend an independent contractor who can replace the nozzles on a WEKO Sprayer? (03/07/16)
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions on vendors for parts and service on Heidelberg stitchers? (04/24/15)
  7. We are looking for a good source that does bindery equipment repairs on older equipment. (04/22/15)
  8. Do any members know of a company that rebuilds MBO folders? (03/25/15)
  9. Who are you using for plate setter maintenance? (03/04/15)
  10. Does anyone have a good repair facility that works on servo motors and drives? (04/28/14)
  11. Who are printers using to repair Heidelberg presses and folders? (04/24/14)
  12. Who do you use for press pump rebuilds? (03/20/14)
  13. I’m looking for any service tech in the Chicagoland area with mechanical maintenance experience of a SBB Heidelberg cylinder die cutter. (02/14/14)
  14. I’m looking to find out any information as to service people for MBO & Stahl folders and also who works on Cutters like Polar and Prism? (02/10/14)
  15. Does anyone has a local repair guy for a Weko sprayer? (02/10/14)

Suppliers and Supplies:

  1. What suppliers are printers are using for offset plates and associated equipment? (03/28/18)
  2. Who are printers using as alternative sources for both ink and service for the HP L25500 latex roll-to-roll printer? (02/16/18)

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