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Below are questions posed by GLGA members in the topic Procedural Questions. Click on the link in the question to see its compilation of answers.

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Procedural Questions

  1. Do you translate your work orders into other languages for staff who speak minimal English? (08/15/18)
  2. How do other printers communicate/illustrate their bindery production schedule to bindery employees? (06/25/18)
  3. How do you collect and communicate non-conformity/quality issues? (05/02/18)
  4. Does anyone have a “Best Practice” for checking sheetfed sheets for print defects? (04/26/18)
  5. To what extent do companies perform due diligence on legitimacy of printing products for customers? (01/10/18)
  6. Do you charge clients for samples that they request? (10/09/17)
  7. How do you get employees to pull samples of completed jobs? (09/18/17)
  8. Do other companies charge a fee for conducting press checks? (01/26/17)
  9. What over/under run statements are printers including in their T&C’s? (01/25/17)
  10. Do other printers have rules in place regarding taking overs? (11/03/16)
  11. How did you safeguard your firm when you purchased equipment from an overseas company? (09/27/16)
  12. Could anyone share a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement that you use when outsourcing work to a vendor? Sample editable form. Sample editable NDA letter. (08/24/16)
  13. How do other mailers error-proof the artwork set-up (during the preflight) before printing? (06/20/16)
  14. Who is responsible for communicating pre-press file issues to the customer? (08/31/15)
  15. Do you offer local delivery service? Do you charge a fee? (08/26/15)
  16. Do you check customers’ barcodes with a reader to make sure they are correct? (08/14/15)
  17. How do you handle disposing of your aqueous coater wash-up water? (07/02/15)
  18. Does anyone have a measuring method for tracking the length of time between receiving a customer’s specs and Customer Service getting the job into production? (04/13/15)
  19. For those of you that have internal mailing departments, are any of you co-mingling jobs from an outside vendor? How much of the savings are you keeping as a service charge? (03/09/15)
  20. What best practices can you share regarding the internal portion of your print proofing process? (08/12/14)
  21. Does anyone have a sample Service Level Agreement that you could share? (07/02/14)
  22. In terms and conditions on your quote letters does anyone have a statement about liability for reproducing copyrighted information? (04/02/14)
  23. Do you have a policy for charging customers to come into your facility for a scheduled press check and what is the charge(s) based on? (02/18/14)

Job Records, Proofs and File Retention:

  1. Would any members be able to share their record retention policies? (07/02/19)
  2. How long does everybody save press retain sheets, hard copy proofs and production jackets? (12/11/18)
  3. How do other companies send proofs to customers for approval on multi-color imprints? (01/30/17)
  4. Do you save plates for jobs that will rerun? (05/03/16)
  5. How long are original color OK’s kept, before replacing? (02/04/15)
  6. How long do you keep job records? (07/31/14)
  7. What is the average retention time for customers’ electronic files? (02/18/14)
  8. How do you deal with customers who hold proofs, files, etc. but expect the delivery date to be honored? (02/18/14)


  1. What are your procedures for special order paper? (06/17/19)
  2. For web printers, what is your best practice for tracking paper waste? (11/06/18)
  3. What are other printers are doing with paper buying as far as a designated person? (10/25/18)

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