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Management Questions

  1. How do you handle paying overtime to employees because they need to correct mistakes that they made? (10/12/17)
  2. We are looking for feedback / best practices for press color okay’s specifically on repeat jobs. (06/06/17)
  3. What is your company’s Credits, Returns, and Allowances as a percentage of sales? (04/11/16)
  4. If you have implemented lean manufacturing , what was your start-up and implementation experience like? (04/03/17)
  5. Can you share your forms or experiences with doing a BIA (business impact analysis) ? (11/23/16)
  6. Can anyone offer a sample storage/warehousing contract for storing clients’ unpaid product in your warehouse? (11/17/16)
  7. Do any other members have security cameras ? Do you find it valuable? (07/22/16)
  8. Do you have clients that provide a supplier “Scorecard ” rating your performance in various categories? (04/28/16)
  9. Can you share the forms or templates you use for succession planning ? (08/20/15)
  10. Do you have E&O insurance and does it cover postage? (05/26/15)
  11. Has any company ever done “confidential employee surveys ?” (11/12/15)
  12. We are considering creating an employee advisory meeting . What are you doing to open lines of communication? (03/26/15)
  13. Is anyone familiar with a buying group called IPW or Independent Printers Worldwide? (02/10/15)
  14. What are the pros and cons of using a PEO (professional employer organization)? (12/03/14)
  15. I’m interested in tips and pitfalls to be aware of in evaluating an opportunity to acquire a mailing operation . (10/17/14)
  16. Do you send clients a holiday gift ? (10/01/14)
  17. What price you were paid per ton for printers mixed paper waste ? (08/29/14)
  18. I have a couple of questions re rent vs. ownership of the building the printing company occupies. (05/21/14)
  19. How do companies currently manage their process of Quality Control – specifically for high volume/large companies that have many departments under one roof? (05/16/14)
  20. I recently became responsible for sales management in my company. What key indicators do you monitor other than gross sales? What do you ask Sales reps to report to you and frequency? (08/15/13)
  21. How many printers outsource all of their bindery services , and are there similar web printers who outsource all of the sheet fed production? (08/12/13)
  22. Has anyone ever put out a questionnaire to your employees asking them if they have any cost saving ideas . How was it received and are you willing to sharing your questions? (2009)

Audits, Certifications and Compliance:

  1. We are thinking of dropping our FSC certification, and we’re wondering if other members are considering dropping theirs as well. (07/15/19)
  2. Update on how companies are handling 1094C and 1095Cs after going through a reporting cycle. (08/01/16)
  3. How are companies handling the IRS requirement for the ACA reporting (the 1094C and 1095C forms)? (09/29/15)
  4. What are other companies are paying for their HIPAA Compliance Audit ? (03/18/15)
  5. How much do you get charged per year for your FSC certification audit costs ? (03/09/15)
  6. How are companies making sure their vendors, including Temporary Staffing agencies, are ACA compliant ? (03/06/15)
  7. I would like to pursue a SAS70 certification soon. Do you know anyone who could help us draft this certification and audit us? (12/13/13)

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