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Below are questions posed by GLGA members in the topic IT / MIS Questions. Click on the link in the question to see its compilation of answers.

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IT / MIS Questions

  1. We are looking to upgrade our Human Resources System and I would like to know what other members use. (05/15/17)
  2. We are looking for information regarding online storefront platforms. (12/28/16)
  3. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced automated time collection solution that will help us keep track of our employees’ time by job? (12/16/16)
  4. Can you share your SOP’s for purchase orders and documenting errors? (08/11/16)
  5. Is anyone is using a GCR software successfully in Prepress? (03/04/16)
  6. Can you recommend a good IT company that can fix a computer infected with the CryptoLocker virus? (08/08/14)
  7. Who do you use for outsourcing your IT services? (04/28/14)
  8. Do you have an IT person in house or do you work with an outside service? (02/18/14)
  9. We are wondering if there is any advice or formulas that can be applied to measure and qualify the level of IT spending. (06/12/14)

CRM/Sales Contact Software

  1. Can we see what CRM software most people use? (02/24/17)
  2. We need a sales contact software for a smaller sales force that is NOT Cloud based and does not incur monthly charges. (11/08/13)

Customer Files and Data

  1. How are you allowing your customers to transfer/upload files? (12/19/17)
  2. Can you share your formal policies and procedures in handling customers’ sensitive/secure data? (11/07/16)

Estimating, Scheduling and Workflow

  1. Are you aware of any type of Smart Board or something electronic that isn’t crazy expensive that works well for job scheduling/planning? (05/26/17)
  2. With Rampage going by the wayside, what solution have you moved to? Can anyone suggest a simple workflow for a smaller shop? (03/31/17)
  3. With Rampage being phased out, are you moving to another pre-press workflow solution? (02/24/15)
  4. What software is being used for job costing and estimating by companies with ‘wide format‘ digital printing capabilities? (08/15/16)
  5. What are other mid-sized printers are using for their scheduling software? (10/06/15)
  6. What products you are using for prepress product options (workflow system and on-line proofing software)?(05/01/14)
  7. Does anyone know of an inexpensive and simple estimating software that would fit a small/medium sheet fed printer? (11/05/13)

Inventory and Fulfillment

  1. I am trying to find an asset/maintenance program to keep track of all the assets in the building as well as keep a maintenance schedule for each. (06/13/17)
  2. We are interested in finding an inventory management software to help us with our inventory/fulfillment. (02/14/17)
  3. Are you using “robust fulfillment software?” (06/12/15)

MIS Software

  1. What do other companies use for their print management system? Is your scheduling software part of the main system or separate? (08/22/18)
  2. What MIS software are most people using? (03/11/16)
  3. What have your experiences been using browser-based print management software? (08/20/14)
  4. We are looking into updating our entire MIS system for all our internal functions, including estimating, accounting and job data collection. What are you currently using? (04/01/14)

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