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Below are questions posed by GLGA members in the topic HR Questions. Click on the link in the question to see its compilation of answers.

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HR Questions

  1. Does your company conduct annual reviews, and are COLA increases (if any) tied to those reviews? (08/15/19)
  2. What is your policy for floral tributes/memorials when an employee’s immediate family member passes away? (11/16/18)
  3. What, if anything, are other organizations doing to honor their Veterans? (10/27/18)
  4. Have you found a work/life balance with your HR policies? (07/31/18)
  5. Do any members have policies on working at home that they can share? (06/13/18)
  6. How do you classify Prepress, Plant Supervisors (who are or are not working supervisors on a machine) and Programming under the FLSA (exempt or non-exempt)? (10/30/17)
  7. What employee development topics do you plan to deliver in 2017 and how will you deliver? (01/20/17)
  8. Do other employers have a policy about covering tattoos when on the clock? (11/14/16)
  9. When an employee leaves the company, how do you handle the situation if they return? (06/16/16)
  10. Do you offer direct deposit as an option or is it mandatory for payroll? (06/15/16)
  11. How do other companies handle the difference between production staff and office staff dress code expectations? (04/26/16)
  12. What is your policy for employees accepting gifts from vendors? If they receive tickets to events, how do you handle their leave to attend the event if it is during their working hours? (10/27/15)
  13. Does anyone have a literacy test and math test for potential employees? (06/30/15)
  14. Do you use non-compete agreements for your sales staff, and if so what is the term? (06/25/15)
  15. Do you have employees sign non-compete agreements? Have you ever had to test it in the courts? (10/22/14)
  16. Sometimes scheduled work has to be cancelled. Do other companies permit the use of earned vacation/emergency leave by employees to “make up” the time? (08/19/14)
  17. I am wondering if any members have a relocation program they would be willing to share. (08/18/14)
  18. Is anyone is willing to share their FMLA forms that they give to employees? (05/02/14)
  19. Can you share the forms that you use for performance reviews? (04/14/14)
  20. We would like to see how other companies approach bringing kids to work. (02/03/14)


  1. What percentage of health insurance premiums does your organization plan to pay in 2019 for employees, spouse and dependent coverage? (11/19/18)
  2. Poll: Can you provide some information about your experience with your health insurance provider? (10/12/18)
  3. How do you handle continuing education for your employees? (01/31/18)
  4. What percentage of health insurance premiums does your organization pay for employees? Do you require a spouse take their employer’s insurance if they have it available? (11/02/17)
  5. Does anyone offer a pay differential for employees who don’t take your health insurance? (10/31/17)
  6. Can anyone make a recommendation for a good low cost 401k plan? (01/24/17)
  7. What are you planning on doing with insurance in light of the huge increases from Obamacare (11/04/16)
  8. How do others determine when Short Term Disability (excluding Maternity Leave) goes into effect for salaried employees? (07/28/16)
  9. What do other companies do for furnished uniform programs? (06/08/16)
  10. When do you start deducting insurance benefits from an employee’s pay check? (05/11/16)
  11. Do other companies offer short term disability coverage to hourly warehouse/production employees? (04/22/16)
  12. I was asked to find out options for daycare benefits provided by employers. (12/04/14)
  13. How long is the wait for new employees to be covered by benefits? (09/24/14)


  1. Do you have standard break and lunch times for your production areas? (02/04/16)
  2. How much time do you provide hourly employees for paid breaks? (12/18/15)
  3. How have other employers addressed employees who take frequent and long restroom breaks? (03/24/15)

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices:

  1. What are your policies regarding employees wearing smart watches on the job? (12/05/18)
  2. Can anyone share what their cell phone reimbursement policy is? (03/19/18)
  3. Which employees receive company-paid smart phones? (01/13/16)
  4. Can anyone share examples of your cell phone and smart phone usage policies, including use of social media apps? (07/24/14)
  5. We would like to see how other companies approach cell phone compensation. (02/03/14)
  6. Could anyone share their written policy for salespeople and cell phone usage while driving? (01/15/14)

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking:

  1. How many members are doing random drug screens? (08/13/19)
  2. With recreational marijuana usage now legal in Illinois, have any members put up a notice stating your zero tolerance is still in effect? (07/03/19)
  3. Update – how are companies handling e-cigarettes? (05/05/16)
  4. Can members share what policies they have implemented for electronic cigarettes/vaporizers? (03/13/14)
  5. What is your policy on chewing tobacco in your building? (03/03/15)
  6. Could members share their company drug and alcohol policies and your disciplinary measures? (07/11/14)
  7. Has anyone or does anyone do random drug testing? Also, if you do random drug testing, did you have any vandalism or negative behavior before it was instituted? (09/22/09)


  1. How many hours does an employee have to work before and after the holiday to get holiday pay? (01/10/19)
  2. What are others doing for holidays in 2019? (11/20/18)
  3. What are other members are using for a holiday schedule in 2018? (12/26/17)
  4. July 4th falls on a Tuesday. How are you handling Monday, July 3? (12/05/16)
  5. How are you handling holiday closings with Christmas Eve/New Year’s Eve on Saturdays and Christmas Day/New Year’s Day on Sundays? (11/10/15)
  6. How many hours do part-time employees have to work to be paid holiday pay? (06/03/15)
  7. Do companies include holiday time when calculating overtime hours? (05/27/15)
  8. When a 2nd or 3rd shift works more than eight hours, do you pay more than eight hours for holiday pay? (11/25/14)
  9. July 4th falls on a Saturday. What day are you closing for the paid holiday? (10/15/14)
  10. With the 4th of July holiday falling on a Wednesday, how is your company handling the holiday closing? (02/18/14)
  11. How do other companies handle holiday pay if the employee calls in sick the day before or after the holiday and uses a vacation day? (02/18/14)
  12. With the way the holidays are falling this year, I was curious to see what other companies are doing with the Friday after Christmas and New Year’s. (02/14/14)

Motivation, Recognition and Bonus Programs:

  1. Have you implemented a periodic bonus program based on achievement of target numbers? (12/04/18)
  2. What do other companies do for holidays gifts for employees? (11/21/17)
  3. What kind of Employee Referral Bonus programs are companies using and what are the amounts given? (09/28/17)
  4. Do companies have a ‘ retirement policy?’ What do you do for gifts and do you have eligibility criteria? (07/14/16)
  5. Does any other member run a recognition program that offers a reward or bounty? How do you structure it so employees from all departments can earn rewards? (08/26/14)
  6. Do others use production incentives for employee motivation? Also, what do other companies do for employee recognition on their anniversary date? (04/28/14)
  7. I’m wondering if there are others that have used a referral bonus program, what the outline of the plan is and if they felt it was successful. (02/14/14)

PTO/Vacation/Sick Time:

  1. Do other members limit the amount of ‘times’ employees can take PTO at month-end or say they can’t go at that time? (01/14/19)
  2. We are looking to change our vacation accrual method to an accrual base method. I’d love to hear from anyone who switched and any pros/cons we should be aware of when implementing. (08/16/18)
  3. If an employee takes PTO time during a work week, does your company count these hours as hours worked and the employee would be eligible for overtime pay? (11/01/17)
  4. How many companies offer paid sick leave to their employees and how it is administered? (10/03/17)
  5. With the new Cook County paid sick leave policy coming into effect, we are moving to a PTO policy. How did you implemented yours? (05/19/17)
  6. How do you request employees prove they are taking PTO that meets the Cook County ordinance for Qualified Usage of this. (01/20/17)
  7. Do you reimburse employees for unused PTO benefits if they are terminated or resign? (01/19/17)
  8. How do others handle PTO or vacation requests during the already shortened holiday weeks, in particular the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s? (01/09/17)
  9. How do other employers handle Family Medical Leave and accrued vacation? (05/04/16)
  10. We are proposing moving to a system where you earn vacation for every hour, week or month worked. Does anyone use this system? (02/05/15)
  11. What time of the year do companies pass out annual vacation requests? (01/28/15)
  12. Do weekend shift employees get paid 8 hours paid time-off for holidays, and how many holidays do they receive? (09/30/14)
  13. Do other companies allow their employees to continue to accrue PTO if they are not working? (10/08/14)
  14. How do other companies gain control over time and money when employees accumulate 100’s of hours of PTO? (06/11/14)
  15. Could you please share samples of accrual vacation/PTO policies & whether vacation/PTO is based on an employee’s anniversary date, or calendar year? (04/08/14)
  16. How do you charge employees PTO when they don’t work a standard 8 hour shift? (02/07/14)


Specific positions mentioned below are not found in the annual Wage and Benefit Survey. Members receive a free copy of this comprehensive report by completing the annual survey questionnaire ($1000 value).

  1. What do you take into consideration before pay increase decisions are made? Do you consider COL? (11/14/18)
  2. How many people pay double time on Sundays? (06/06/18)
  3. What average wage increase are you planning for 2018? (post tax reform law – 01/30/18)
  4. What differential do you offer for 2nd/3rd shift and is it based on any criteria? (10/11/17)
  5. Does anyone have color management positions, job descriptions, and/or even a wage rage that they would be willing to share? (06/20/16)
  6. What percentage increase or flat dollar amount are most employers in our industry giving their production employees? (02/15/16)
  7. Could anyone share any wage information for a Nightshift Plant Supervisor? (06/16/15)
  8. What is the hourly rate or salary for an entry level and experienced Inside Sale Rep? (06/03/15)
  9. Do any members offer a 2nd or 3rd shift differential to PT employees? (05/15/15)
  10. Do you have a set compensation practice annually where you review ranges and determine who gets what percent increase? (06/05/14)
  11. Could you please share wage range, or pay rate, for non-CDL driver (straight-truck or van)? (04/08/14)
  12. Could the membership share general wage information on a Quality Tech? (03/31/14)
  13. Can we have laid-off press operators who typically earn between $20-$28 an hour come in at $12 an hour for a few weeks to work in the bindery? (02/18/14)

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