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Below are questions posed by GLGA members in the topic Billing and Financial Questions. Click on the link in the question to see its compilation of answers.

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Billing and Financial Questions

  1. Do you include your CSRs and estimators in your Production Expenses or in the G&A Expenses? (07/03/19)
  2. How do members handle staff members who are late paying the bill for their company-issued credit cards? (06/18/19)
  3. How do other members communicate price increases to your customers? (01/08/19)
  4. When do you invoice customers? (10/02/18)
  5. How do other members handle shipping costs to customers? (09/21/18)
  6. When you prepare an estimate, is the initial price worked up a “suggested” price, a “floor” price, or something else? Do sales reps have latitude to adjust? (04/30/18)
  7. Does anyone add a handling charge to their shipping, also? (04/19/18)
  8. How do you determine Meals and Entertainment deductability as of the Post Tax Reform law of 2017? (03/13/18)
  9. How much are you paying for your annual 401k plan audit? (11/03/17)
  10. What are you using for a classification code for your press and bindery staff for Wisconsin Workers Comp Insurance? (12/29/16)
  11. If you offer in-house design services (specifically for newspapers), what type of bill rates do you use? (07/29/16)
  12. If the Purchase Order or a line item on the order doesn’t match with something on the invoice, how is this usually handled? (06/30/16)
  13. What type of policies do others have in place regarding accounts receivable. Are your customers paying finance charges? (03/04/16)
  14. How do other companies collect on credit card processing fees? (02/18/14)
  15. If a customer notifies you that their name has changed, what documentation do you require to understand the transaction? (02/18/14)
  16. What percent of sales is your rerun/credits to customers? (02/18/14)


  1. Does anyone have a system that works really well for keeping track of postage for mailing jobs? (04/05/17)
  2. How do printers handle postage for direct mailings? (02/18/14)
  3. How you handle postal funds for mailing jobs? (02/18/14)


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