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Woodward Printing Services is a state-of-the-art printing facility located in Platteville, Wisconsin. We offer a great benefits package that includes insurance, 401(k), employee stock ownership, paid time off, healthy activity reimbursement, a wellness program, the opportunity for career advancement and much more.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Maintains quality standards to include acceptable levels of make-ready and running waste.

* Assists in mechanical and electrical maintenance on web press and related equipment.

* Sets and maintains register of multiple webs during press runs to ensure high quality, 4-color reproduction.

* Sets up and maintains the operation of stackers to ensure a quality product is provided to both internal and external customers.

* Sets up and maintains operation of in-feeds to ensure proper web tensions.

*  Directs and assists with paper set-up and changes.

* Directs and sets proper ink and water balance.

* Monitors and adjusts water system to ensure proper PH and conductivity at press fountains.

* Adjusts and maintains splicers and angle bars to ensure proper web tensions when running multiple web jobs.

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