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JOB SUMMARY: Supervises pressroom personnel.  Issues job orders in accordance with work schedules.



1.    Responsible for shift operation, product quality, housekeeping and facility management.

2.    Check with prior shift for any press or running problems, communicate the same to incoming shift.

3.    Check press log and shift change notes for information about orders currently on press.

4.    Inform maintenance of needed repairs using a maintenance request form.

5.    Ensure equipment is properly manned, assign duties to floor help, supervise support depts. (2nd & 3rd Shifts).

6.    Assist in resolving job ticket or pre-press problems, provide change notices as required.

7.    Resolve printing or finishing problems on orders being manufactured during shift, document as needed.

8.    Check time stamps and readers, approve plate makeovers, color OK’s, and samples.

9.    Assist in recovery from web breaks, breakdowns, or other problems, provide guidance to press crews.

10. Monitor register, color, folds, glue, die cuts, perfs, and other specs and adjust as needed.

11. Ensure that all safety mechanisms are in place and functioning and that personal protective equipment is used by all shift personnel.

12. Meet material waste and spoilage standards, and maximum running speed for a particular order.

13. Train all crew members on press systems, equipment, set up, and all auxiliary equipment.

14. Ensure that routine maintenance is performed on all equipment as required.

15. Provide customer assistance on color OK’s, questions, or problems, on-site or by phone.

16. Inspect time stamps and ensure they are pulled at proper intervals.

17. Audit shift production reports at end of shift, document all problems that occur during a shift.

18. Answer night phone and direct calls as needed.

19. Provide positive or negative feedback to personnel as the situation requires.

20. Pass out checks, track vacations, layoffs, requests for time off, etc. Update records as needed.

21. Seek assistance to resolve problems via telephone regardless of the time of day or shift.

22. Other duties may be assigned by the Plant Superintendent.


JOB SKILLS:* Above average English oral and written communication skills and math skills.  Above-average interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills.  Ability to anticipate, analyze, and solve press and personnel problems.  Ability to use measuring and calibration equipment.

JOB KNOWLEDGE:* Superior knowledge of press systems and controls and in-line finishing equipment Superior knowledge of the technical aspects of the printing process.

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