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Job Summary: 

Operates Heidelberg XL105 Offset press to ensure production of highest quality product at the lowest possible cost, meeting performance standards and customer specifications and delivery requirements while assuring personal safety and in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Job Responsibilities: 

– Read and understand a job ticket; Interpret layouts, ensure that correct paper is issued and determines ink to use.
– Responsible for press make-ready and set-up; determine best sequence of colors, set ink fountains to achieve ink/water balance, assist in mounting scores and perf, oversee overall set-up of press, such as sheet size and dryer setting and check drawn-out sheet to layout.
–  Achieve and monitor color for consistency.
– Assist in wash up between jobs.
– Completes necessary paper work and records, including recording operations and inventory on computer.
– Examines printed product for ink density, position on paper and registration and makes adjustments throughout production to maintain guide, registration and color density.
– Inspects plates for visual defects.
– Mounts plates, blankets and balances color.
– Monitors and adjusts dryer temperature.
– Maintains overall production and quality of jobs by operating press according to standard operating procedures required for the press. Ensures that others are following SOP’s, and when errors are made, trains or corrects the individual as appropriate and informs Press Manager.
– Assigns or directs the work of XL105 2nd Press Operator.
– Troubleshoots and performs minor adjustments and repairs, including removing and replacing worn rollers and adjusting pressure between rollers, using hand tools.
– Operates material handling equipment to move loads to staging area for finishing.
– Ensures all press procedures are followed.
– May assist in winding sheets and loading paper or to reduce ghosting and hasten drying as needed.

Essential skills and experience: 

– High School diploma or general education degree
– 3 years related press experience and/or training
– Proficient computer skills
– Strong math skills
– Detail oriented
– Problem Solver
– Team player

Work Environment:

Operates in a demanding, fast-paced, people-oriented manufacturing environment with frequent changes and interruptions, and multiple project assignments. Works with a variety of people including vendors, customers, employees, managers, and executives.

Nonessential skills and experiences: 

An associate degree in Printing and Publishing is preferred.
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Required Work Schedule:

Saturday – Sunday rotating 12 hour shifts, 6:00am – 6:00pm or 6:00pm – 6:00am
Week 1: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
Week 2: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Physical Requirements: 

Must meet physical demands identified on work screen protocol (Pod C); Vision acuity corrected to 20/40; Must pass Ishihara Color Assessment and receive a minimum of average/normal color vision score on Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hues and D-15.

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