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Position: Shipping and Receiving Specialist

FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt (eligible for overtime pay)


Responsible for un-racking, preparing, inspecting, packing and labeling products for shipment.  Verifies and tracks all incoming and outgoing shipments.   Makes sure necessary paperwork is prepared for each shipment, is properly filled out and is turned in to the office in a timely manner.  Validates counts and paperwork for all incoming shipments and inspects before routing to proper area.  Maintains shipping and receiving area, supplies and equipment and follows prescribed safety regulations.  Performs the following duties personally:


·        Follows safety regulations and protocols at all times and uses personal protective equipment when necessary.

·        Obtains Job Tickets for jobs that are complete and ready for shipment.

·        Carefully un-racks sheets that are cured and ready to ship.  Inspects printed items or sheets for print quality including color, adhesion, dirt, uneven printing, dark and light spots, streaks, ghost images, registration, pinholes, screen breakdowns, ink buildups, ink run-outs and ink on the opposite side of printing. Inspects and reports defective materials or questionable conditions to the Plant Manager.

·        Packages stock for shipment following all shipping instructions on the Job Ticket, ensuring product is properly protected including shrink wrapping, banding, corner guards, spacers, fillers and padding as needed.

·        Labels each package for shipment including customer, job number, name of job, count, etc. and flag loads with receiving instruction sheet.

·        Fills out job ticket section for shipment with final skid or package count.  Submits to the office for Delivery Receipt preparation.

·        Obtains the 3-Part Delivery Receipt from the office and ensures it is signed by the person loading the shipment and the carrier picking up.  Gives carrier their copy and routes Company copies to the office.

·        Loads trucks and stages products using hand truck or pallet jack.

·        Logs each shipment and receipt in the Shipping and Receiving Log taking care to accurately record all necessary information.

·        Reviews all incoming packages and delivers to the proper department or individual.

·        Unpacks and examines all incoming product.  Validates counts and verifies quality.  Rejects damaged items and records any shortages.  Routes all Packing Slips or Paperwork to the office.  Stages product in proper area.

·        Keeps inventory of shipping and receiving supplies and materials.  Ensures procurement of additional materials as necessary.

·        Maintains cleanliness of shipping and receiving area and equipment.

·        Performs other duties as assigned and requested, including assisting with production, cleaning and helping out in other areas of the operation or facility.


Wages will be commensurate with experience and market rates.  Company provided and optional benefits will be offered in accordance with policies. Target compensation $15-$20 per hour.

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