GLGA Member Question – Security Cameras

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We are looking at the cost of putting security cameras in our shop. We have had things stolen and rumors of people leaving the building while still punched in on the weekends. Do any other members have cameras? Do you find it valuable?

We are a large company and have many security cameras. We only watch them if needed. We use them not only security but for accident review, too. It does help if you ever need to provide this for any claims or backing the company up for negligence on the employee. I would suggest you put in cameras to cover all areas that are legal.

We don’t have any issues but are looking at outdoor and possibly indoor cameras for security.

We have access on our PC’s, our smart phones, and have a large television screen on our scheduling area so we can not only monitor equipment but all entrances and exits including parking lots for employee safety.

We would be interested as well, from the worker comp angle, particularly unwitnessed on-the-job injuries.

We installed a camera system about 4 years ago as it was required by one of our customers for a large project. We were able to keep it simple by putting one camera on the inside of the building covering each outside door (7) all networked to a central recording device in our server room.

Currently we have installed cameras in our fulfillment division. We had an issue with an employee altering time sheets, and the camera provided us with the necessary evidence to address the problem. We are going to be installing cameras on the exterior of the building due to some vandalism occurrences.

Have security cameras on outside of building. Don’t have any security cameras on the inside. The newer WiFi cameras allow for easier install without the wiring. But the extra monitoring costs wasn’t worth the expense, since we haven’t had employee theft problems. Our application would have been for security use if someone entered after hours motion would turn on camera in addition to alarms.

We have 20 cameras inside and outside our building. We use them quite often and find that they are useful in verifying things like when drivers pickup deliveries, when shifts come and go and when equipment is running. We have monitors in our prepress department so they can view the entrance and buzz people in at night so they don’t have to leave their station.

We have a security camera system and it’s priceless!  We started out with a smaller system but quickly added more cameras when we saw what a powerful tool the video footage was.  Our security cameras have been used to investigate a myriad of issues such as:

  • Employee theft & employee conflict
  • Vendor theft (charging for work not performed)
  • Truck drivers causing damage to our building and denying fault
  • Employee accident investigation and workers compensation fraud

Our security cameras have saved us thousands of dollars and paid for itself several times over.

We do not use security camera but try to utilize our management information system (MIS) to hold folks accountable.

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