GLGA Member Question – Press Color Okays

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We are looking for feedback / best practices for press color okay’s specifically on repeat jobs.

We have a spectrophotometer and we scan the press okayed sheet and record that data and when we rerun the job we run to the old numbers. This works great for us.

We save our information on the computer at press. This would include sequence, ink densities and water speeds. For the most part we pull up very close to the previous printed sheet.

With the implementation of closed loop color we simply document the plate curve used, the press the job was run on, and the densities run on both the Electronic Control form and Electronic Timecard we use which are both available to the Operator that runs the reprint.

Very seldom do we do press oks. $125 minimum plus press time

We record the wet densities, any “ink charges” if used, and ink sequence. We will use original color okay but being aware how the paper may fade in color and affect the ink color. We will reference the last run color okay as well.

We document our press densities on a label of our approved press sheet and use spectrophotometry on our press console to load all the settings on to backup disk. We keep original sheet, prepress proof, and last color run(s) and just keep filing under the latest job number.

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