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Graphix Essentials LLC
Address: 10810 Indian Head Industrial Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132
Contact Name: Dan Simpson
Business Phone Number: 314-428-4420
Business Fax: 314-428-4421
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From basic label printing to product security, Graphix Essentials has produced environmentally friendly flexographic inks & coatings for 20 years. Our focus on water based and ultra-violet chemistries helps ensure the safety of our employees and minimize our customers’ environmental impact. We continue to make the finest paper & film inks available – manufactured as ordered, never mass produced

Address: 150 N. Martingale Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Business Address2: Suite 700
Contact Name: Renee Schouten
Business Phone Number: 630-382-1800
Business Fax: 847-969-9758
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INX International Ink Co. is the third largest producer of inks in North America with over 15 facilities in the U.S. and Canada, and is a global supplier as part of Sakata INX worldwide operations. We offer a complete line of ink and coating solutions technology for commercial, packaging and digital applications. As a leading global manufacturer of inkjet inks, we provide a full palette of digital ink systems, advanced technologies and integrated services.

Address: 2700 S. 12th Avenue
Broadview, IL 60153
Contact Name: John Whalen
Business Phone Number: 708-344-1295
Business Phone Number 2: (708) 344-1295
Business Fax: 708-865-5759
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Kerley Ink formulates and manufactures almost all of its own raw materials: bases, dispersions, ink vehicles and ink compounds. In addition to marketing to the large-scale publication, commercial and packaging printers around the world, Kerley Ink offers those ink raw materials and its press-ready inks to the rest of the printing ink industry on a wholesale basis.

Address: 1115 W. Tuckaway Lane
Menasha, WI 54952
Contact Name: Dennis Curtin
Contact Name 2: Steve Rosenbeck
Business Phone Number: 800-715-9115
Business Phone Number 2: (800) 715-9115
Business Phone Number 3: 920-687-1313
Business Fax: 414-228-7035
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Press Color, Inc. is a privately owned corporation that has been in business for over fifty five years. We are committed to responding to the needs of the printing industry by providing quality inks, coatings, and print blankets. Our team of experienced professionals can deliver unequaled products and unprecedented service. As a fully integrated ink manufacturer we are able to offer our clients customized ink formulations that give us the edge over our competition.

Address: 2230 Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Contact Name: Greg Cozart
Contact Name 2: Laurie Hagar
Business Phone Number: 513-205-2686
Business Phone Number 2: (513) 205-2686
Business Fax: 513-619-5204
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Resource Graphics is your one-on-one Graphic Arts Dealer. We represent the best manufacturers and their products. We are the Challenge dealer for Mid to South Indiana. We sell New and Used equipment, and we buy good, used equipment from shops all over. Reach out to us if you have something you would like us to consider.

Resource Graphics also offers Mechanical Services on a wide range of Finishing Equipment. Our service technician has over 30 years of experience on cutters, perforators, folders – you name it, he’s likely worked on it!

If you are in need of supplies, we carry all the supplies you will need from Pre-Press to the PressRoom and into the Finishing Departments. We carry supplies that can help you with those hard to do problem jobs. Give us a call, we want to help you!