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Address: N117 W18711 Fulton Drive
Germantown, WI 53022
Contact Name: Jen Libert
Business Phone Number: 262-437-7890
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In 1997, Glue Dots International (GDI) revolutionized the adhesive industry with the introduction of Glue Dots, the original pre-formed pressure sensitive adhesive.

Since then, GDI has continued to develop and pioneer pressure sensitive adhesive solutions that provide clean, versatile alternatives to hot glues, liquid glues and double-sided tapes. Today our patents and trademark brands include Glue Dots, Glue Lines, Glue Squares, Glue Shapes, Double Dots, EconoDot, Auto Dot Pro, Dot Shot Pro, QuikDotPro and MatrX.

Address: 4722 Ritter Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Contact Name: Tim Black
Business Phone Number: 513-942-3060
Business Fax: 513-942-3064
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Address: 1055 High Street
Mundelein, IL 60060
Contact Name: Alison Crawford
Business Phone Number: 224-358-3085
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After many years in the Printing and Converting Industries we saw customers were in need of a supplier that was able to provide them with a broader array of products and services. Thus the company Midwest Print Solutions was born. We are proud to offer the following services and systems to our customers:

Procurement Assistance Services:
Designed to assist your purchasing department with sourcing and ordering of critical items. With a decrease in personnel over the past few years and the aging of equipment existing purchasing staff has a backlog of items in need. We work with our customers to source hard to find critical components and cross items whenever possible. After customer approval we then place items on order and deliver directly to your facility.

If you are experiencing issues with your current systems and getting no resolution from the manufacturer we are able to assist you. We will come in and work on your behalf offering technical advice. The first meeting consists of us addressing your concerns. Then we will work with the manufacturer directly to get you a resolution.

Engineering Assistance:
Many of our customers don’t have the engineering resources available for projects. We are able to meet with you and discuss the scope of the project. We are able to work with the chosen manufacturing company and drive the project to completion.

Product Offerings:
Midwest Print Solutions proudly offers Spengler Electronics full line of Electrostatic Assist and Anti-Static Systems. Spengler Electronic systems have been used for many years in the Printing and Converting Industries.

Quality Service:
Midwest Print Solutions personnel is fully trained with over 25+ years of Engineering experience in the Printing and Converting Industries.

Our Commitment:
Midwest Print Solutions is dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied. From sourcing hard to find components to saving customers money we are committed to finding ways to exceed our customer expectations.

Address: 2230 Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Contact Name: Greg Cozart
Contact Name 2: Laurie Hagar
Business Phone Number: 513-205-2686
Business Phone Number 2: (513) 205-2686
Business Fax: 513-619-5204
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Resource Graphics is your one-on-one Graphic Arts Dealer. We represent the best manufacturers and their products. We are the Challenge dealer for Mid to South Indiana. We sell New and Used equipment, and we buy good, used equipment from shops all over. Reach out to us if you have something you would like us to consider.

Resource Graphics also offers Mechanical Services on a wide range of Finishing Equipment. Our service technician has over 30 years of experience on cutters, perforators, folders – you name it, he’s likely worked on it!

If you are in need of supplies, we carry all the supplies you will need from Pre-Press to the PressRoom and into the Finishing Departments. We carry supplies that can help you with those hard to do problem jobs. Give us a call, we want to help you!