Schumann Printers, Inc.

Business Name: Schumann Printers, Inc.
Business Address: 701 S. Main Street
City: Fall River
State: WI
ZIP Code: 53932
Contact Name: Brooke Schumann
Business Phone Number: 920-484-3348
Business Fax: 920-484-3661
Website Address:
Business Description:

Schumann Printers, Inc. offers the most advanced digital prepress, heat-set web printing and finishing technology available. A commitment to this advanced technology has streamlined the production process while keeping costs competitive, affording easier customer input. Our Rampage Remote proofing system allows our customers to print to their own laser printers or proofers for a SWOP/G7-Certified proof.

Another example of Schumann Printers’ commitment to technology is Closed-Loop Color. We were the second printer in the world to install this technology on all our presses. It continually scans and controls color/registration on press – so quality remains consistent throughout press runs.

Our equipment list includes the finest print technologies from Goss, Kodak, and Mueller.

Proud winners of the following 2020 Graphics Excellence Awards: