MCS, Inc.

Business Name: MCS, Inc.
Business Address: 8101 Cessna Avenue
City: Gaithersburg
State: MD
ZIP Code: 20879
Contact Name: Glenn Toole
Business Phone Number: 301-556-5047
Business Phone Number 2: 815-922-9062
Website Address:
Business Description:

MCS, Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and supports the most successful inkjet imaging systems and inserter matching systems for the mailing industry. We offer stand-alone inkjet systems, in-line inkjet systems for inserters and tip-on machines, web based inkjets and matching systems using HP technology.

MCS inkjets and matching systems – both hardware and software – are developed in-house by our own team of engineers. The ability to provide our customers with an integrated solution – entirely from one company – gives us a unique advantage in providing ownership and accountability for the solutions we provide. MCS has been a leader in the mailing industry not only because of our superior technology, but also because we understand the industry’s needs and are able to meet those needs. We believe that a high level of support is valued by our customers, which is why we have our own network of support technicians nationwide for technical support as well as installation and training.