Glue Dots International

Business Name: Glue Dots International
Business Address: N117 W18711 Fulton Drive
City: Germantown
State: WI
ZIP Code: 53022
Contact Name: Jen Libert
Business Phone Number: 262-437-7890
Website Address:
Business Description:

In 1997, Glue Dots International (GDI) revolutionized the adhesive industry with the introduction of Glue Dots, the original pre-formed pressure sensitive adhesive.

Since then, GDI has continued to develop and pioneer pressure sensitive adhesive solutions that provide clean, versatile alternatives to hot glues, liquid glues and double-sided tapes. Today our patents and trademark brands include Glue Dots, Glue Lines, Glue Squares, Glue Shapes, Double Dots, EconoDot, Auto Dot Pro, Dot Shot Pro, QuikDotPro and MatrX.